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Managing Director

NAMASTE! Welcome to the world of modern Electric products of KNEXT filled with lot of innovation and happiness. To ensure safety of people we have started KNEXT in 2017 with the motto of “choice for Next Generation”.

Everyone construct their Home, once in a lifetime, so people believe that well developed and quality products should be fitted in their home, to feel comfortable and free from hazards. After 6 Years of hard work, struggle and experience Mr. ASHOK KUMAR has started KNEXT to fulfill the needs of customer with zero interruption and distraction. Our manufacture unit, equipped with the most modern machinery and technologies, empower us to manufacture excellent quality products, which are very easy to use and handle.

Design your interior, and ‘Switch to next generation’ with modular switches, our company has set up its first factory in Vasai Mumbai for the manufacture of urea and modular switches named as Softy and Perito respectively. Further with royal look and immense touch in wall KNEXT had developed Slick series and Ojas series. As responsibility says “Safety is more important than convenience”. To ensure safety for the customers, we have designed Distribution box, Main switch and Convenient MCB. As KNEXT ventured into various products categorized and expanded business to include Wires and Cables, Led Lighting and PVC pipes. Our certification includes ISO. We believe every customer are god and deserve best products, we work with you to plan , coordinate and execute everything to serve you better. The highly trained employees of KNEXT will provide you with the design and implementation you need, and the quality, integrity, and the professionalism you deserve. Proudly serving all over India, our service markets include residential, commercial, and industrial.

Our commitment to innovation, quality and professional service put us a cut above rest. We have no problem with competitors because that they think the product is worth of. Since our values are stronger than carbide, we are ready to take challenges that may come across. “The future influences the present just as the past”. We have learnt lot from past, with grateful to hard work and prettiest smart work; we will design our future in a colorful manner. We are always ready to communicate with customer and solve their queries as soon as possible.

Wires and Cables

At KNEXT, we take pride in creating high quality wires and cables.For most people, a wire is an indistinguishable part of the electrical system in homes and offices. Choosing the right wiring system can ensure safety and peace of mind for all concerned.Internationally Approved certified Domestic Wires, Industrial Cables and Heavy Duty Cables.

Switch Gears

Electrical Distribution needs are continuously evolving in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Improved operational safety, continuity of service, greater convenience and operating cost have assumed a tremendous significance. KNEXT Quality Products supplied as MCB's, Isolators, RCCB's, Main Switch, Distribution Boards, Rotary Switches,Metal Glad Switch & Socket

LED Lightings

To fulfill all your lighting requirements, KNEXT LED lightings are a smart choice. Manufactured with energy efficient technology, these KNEXT LED lights are eco-friendly and built with a life span long life and more, and are one of the best investments you will make for your home.

Modular Switches
& Accessories

KNEXT built to create an impact and deliver excellent performance, our switches are inventively designed to long last and augment your walls. Refined engineering is incorporated with the finest technology to provide top notch quality, reliability and longevity. Be it in design or performance, we provide you with the best modular switches and electrical accessories for home, office as well as industrial use.

Internationally Approved Certificates

KNEXT is a manufacturing company offering a diverse and powerful range of electrical products for industrial, residential and commercial uses.KNEXT is an ISO 9001:2015 Co., with a history spanning well over a decade. We are specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of a comprehensive product portfolio consisting of Wires and Cables, Switch Gears, LED Lightings and Modular Switches & Accessories, Door Bells, Flex Boxes, Modular AC Boxes and all type of Holders & Plugs. KNEXT integrate honesty & business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning. Our team comprises of highly qualified & experienced manpower to fulfill company's goal. Having a huge network of distributors, dealers with public and private Sector projects across the nation. KNEXT is reaching new heights of success by every day.

Technology begins where the rules ends, this is our simple belief. For the last decade, we’ve broken every rule that says “products have to be designed like this and not like that”. We’ve brused aside every hurdle that came in the way of creating an Technological product. And we have never second guessed the consumer. Which is why, we have created products that not only ingrain safety, aesthetics and economy but constantly raise the bar on accepted standards. We’ve believed in redefining the future instead of waiting for it to happen.


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